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Zhejiang Delong      Zhejiang Delong Teflon And Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. is located Zhengjiang-Deqing Economic Development Zone with an elegant surrounding and easy transportation. We are manufacturer of various PTFE products and also member of China Fluoroplastics Processing Professional Committee.
      Our products mainly include extruded rods,molded sheets,molded bars,molded tubes;skiving sheets,skiving tapes,skiving films;extruding bars and tubes;gaskets;bridge sliding blocks;braided packing and all special type components. We have the biggest pressure machine (3500ton) for PTFE molded sheets and the most quantity of producing PTFE extruded rods in the same level in China.
      With exquisite technology,experienced experts and excellent manufacture equipement,we can design and manufacture all types of filling,as well as process PTFE products according to the special requirements of customers.
      We sincerely welcome more friends to contact us.,Do our best for something only we can do.
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  • Name: Zhejiang Delong Teflon And Plastic Technology Co.,LTD.
  • Add: No.269 Zishan Road,Wukang Town, Deqing County, Zhejiang Province,China.
  • Zip code: 313200
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  • E-mail: info@delongcn.com